Sunshine Girls need to improve in four areas - Nevers

August 21, 2017

Local netball coach Winston Nevers has pinpointed four areas which he believed former senior Sunshine Girls coach Jermaine Allison-McCracken could have helped the national team improve, but didn't.

Allison-McCracken resigned at the end of July after less than five months in the job. Her tenure was mired in controversy, ranging from a suspension of three players - Shanice Beckford, Nicole Dixon, and Khadijah Williams - for inappropriate behaviour; a Test series tie and match loss to lower ranked team Barbados, and training methods which netball aficionados found perplexing.One area which he said surprised him was the use of pool training with only a few weeks before a major tournament against Barbados.


Technical capacity


"Her planning was completely off. There's no way you go to the gym and in the pool when you have five weeks to train a team," Nevers insisted.

Nevers, who has also worked with the national team in a technical capacity told STAR Sports that he thought that when Allison-McCracken took over the job she would have worked on certain areas of Jamaica's game which he has seen teams such as world number-one ranked Australia and number two New Zealand master.

According to Nevers, who coaches top local teams Jamalco and Windalco: "They (Australia) take the ball from outside the circle and pass it one time; they have developed their speed and and we are not developing speed; their concentration level is way above us, and we have tall players in our circle. They have tall players right across the board," he told STAR Sports.

"That's what we want to get the netball team to be number one," he added.

Sasher-Gaye Henry and Marvette Anderson have been appointed interim coaches.

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