Stewart says majority rules, withdraws resignation

August 30, 2017
@Normal:Carvel Stewart

Carvel Stewart, who recently stepped down as vice-president of the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA), has not only withdrawn his resignation, but has made a U-Turn on what he previously labelled "an integrity issue" surrounding the nomination of Stewart Stephenson for the vacant post of president of the Jamaica Football Federation.

Shying from saying directly whether he would support Stephenson should the former KSAFA boss be elected JFF president at the September 13 election, Stewart hinted that he would go whichever way the wind blew.

"I'm at the PLCA and at KSAFA and, in respect to both organisations in terms of what we do, whatever is projected is what we support. Whatever is the majority position that's what I go with," he said.

Stewart had resigned from KSAFA on July 29 after the association decided to back its former president, Stephenson, for the top post at the Jamaica Football Federation.

late addition

KSAFA had previously agreed to back Clarendon Football Association president, Michael Ricketts for the post, but changed its position when Stephenson came in as a late addition to the list of possible candidates.

When contacted by STAR Sports yesterday, Stewart that he had no issues with Stephenson, per se, but rather with the principle behind how KSAFA had gone about changing its support.

"I was accused of saying corruption, and I never said corruption. I said there was an integrity issue with the way we had dealt with it," Stewart said.

Second vice-president, Mark Bennett, had also resigned over the issue.

Stewart, also a vice-president of the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) said KSAFA met and the issues had been "resolved".

"We met and resolved whatever the issues were. You have to understand me. It wasn't about who you are going to support. In the end it was about our collective discussion and, at the end, we should maintain our collective agreement. We, in the association, have decided that we are done with it and we are back," he added.

Stewart was, however, mum on how the resolution had been arrived at.

"What has been done is done, in the past. We had our discussion and we resolved the issues and we are going to be moving forward," he reiterated.

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