H. View, MoBay in transfer war

August 31, 2017
File Fletcher

Harbour View Football Club have snared only one of three Montego Bay United players in whom they had reportedly shown interest. Yohan Weatherley, who is out of contract, will be in east Kingston when the league kicks off on Sunday.

"He asked to come and we have accepted him," club chairman Carvel Stewart said on Tuesday while refuting claims that the Stars of the East had been chasing former Cornwall College schoolboy Jourdain Fletcher or that he had been training with Harbour View.

Stewart, a vice president of the Premier League Clubs Association, which has been embroiled in a public contract dispute with MoBay United for the last year, said his club had been approached by Cornwall College past students, who had referred both Fletcher and Deshane Beckford as potential transferees.

never turned up

"Jourdain has not been to Harbour View. He has never turned up once at Harbour View. Jourdain has never been to a Harbour View training session. We were asked to accept him but he has never turned up," said Stewart, adding that, as far as he knew, Fletcher was overseas.

This was also confirmed by MoBay United president, Orville Powell on Tuesday. Powell told STAR Sports he did not know where Fletcher was.

"He has not been training. He is not on the island. He is overseas. Where overseas, I can't tell you. All I can tell you about Jourdain is that he is not transferred," Powell said.

Meanwhile, Beckford, who is still under contract to MoBay United, had travelled to Kingston and watched training from the stands, according to Stewart.

"He has not been allowed to train by the coaches at Harbour View because we stick by the rules. We have appealed to the JFF," Stewart said.

According to Stewart, Harbour View are appealing to the Jamaica Football Federation to have Beckford released.

"He has not been allowed to train because they are refusing to transfer the youngster who left them in March and wants nothing more to do with them," Stewart added.

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