Grange keeps distance from Brown's axing

September 20, 2017

Minister of Sport Olivia Grange yesterday declined comment on the recent firing of Jamaica Anti-doping Commission (JADCO) executive director, Carey Brown, stressing that the integrity of the commission and the country's anti-doping programme were paramount.

Brown was fired last week Monday by JADCO's board, two days after a deadline for him to voluntarily resign had passed.

Chairman Alexander Williams told STAR Sports that Brown had left him no choice but to fire him.

"We have become increasingly dissatisfied with the assurances that he has been giving the board concerning his monitoring of the sample-collection process.

"Two decisions, especially with Riker Hylton and Kaliese Spencer, in which the Independent Anti-doping Panel made adverse comments about the way JADCO commenced in breach of particular rules," said Williams.


Would not comment


Yesterday, Grange, keynote speaker at the Inter-Regional Conference on the Strategic Use of Intellectual Property in Sport, at the Jamaica Conference Centre, said she would not comment.

"I wouldn't want to comment because it is an independent body. The board is appointed and, between the board and the CEO, whatever the issues are, they should be able to work it out one way or another," she said, adding that the integrity of the country's doping programme must not be compromised.

"Doping is an extremely important area. We do not want to compromise anything. We want to maintain the integrity of our programme, and so I would not want a controversy to develop, so I wouldn't want to make public statements.

"If there are issues to be worked through, that would involve me, I would do so but I don't think it should be carried out in a public way because our athletes are at the centre of our programme. The country's integrity is at the centre and we do not want anything to tarnish the reputation," she said.

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