U-Turn ...Simpson made last minute transfer decision because of Duckie

March 03, 2018
Waterhouse FC head coach Donovan Duckie

Midfielder Keithy Simpson said his decision to join Waterhouse FC instead of Harbour View FC during the January transfer window was because of his relationship with head coach Donovan Duckie.

Simpson, a former youth national player, was near to signing for the east-Kingston club, however, after receiving a call from Duckie, he made a u-turn and signed for the Drewsland club instead.

"When I came back, Ricardo Gardner (Harbour View head coach) and Fabian Taylor (Harbour View assistant), two persons I know very well, invited me to train with the team, and everything was going well.

"But I got a call from Duckie. He and I have a long history since youth national team level (u17 and u20), so when he gave me the call I reacted knowing the type of coach Duckie is and the person he is. We have been through a lot together, so when he asked me, I said why not," he reasoned.

The box-to-box midfielder's influence on the Drewsland outfit has been massive since his arrival, and he argued that he is yet to reach his best.


"I haven't reached my peak yet, but I am working hard. Duckie has us working very hard and I am almost there. But football is played on the day, and our main focus is to go out on any given day and get three points. The way we work in training, I don't see any team beating us," he stated.

The 27 year old started out with Sporting Central Academy in 2008, before a loan stint with Vancouver Whitecaps. On his return, he went to Portmore United briefly in 2011, before transferring to Tivoli that same season. In 2012 he moved to Finnish Premier League club, Vaasan Palloseura, for two seasons. He then played briefly in El Salvador before he returned home in December to resume his RSPL career.

"Currently I have my wife and my son in Trinidad, so I am always there. During the long winter break in the Finnish League, I normally do something, and usually I play while I'm at home to keep in shape.

"I went to El Salvador for a short stint but things did not go as planned. Injury ruled me out and I had to leave almost as I went there because my father died and we came to a mutual agreement. So I came back and nurse my injury and focused on burying my father," he explained.

Simpson who has a pre-contractual arrangement with Maldives club, Sealife, told the club he would examine his options before making a commitment, and during the time being he thought it would be good to come back to Jamaica to continue playing.

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