Champs 2018: Rusea’s take aim at top five

March 20, 2018
Keliesha Shaw (left) and her twin sister Aliesha are two members of the Rusea's High School team.

Linvern Wright, the principal of Rusea's High School, has set an ambitious target of getting his school in the top five of the ISSA-GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships within a few years.

Rusea's placed ninth in both the boys (40 points) and girls (35 points) division at Champs last year.

"When I came [in 2012], I felt the school was too big, in terms of population, not to be competing in sports other than football. I came and saw a good coach [Rodrick Miles]. My thing was to support what he was doing, his goals and his plans, as a basis of building a tradition," said Wright.

The principal, who admitted it is difficult to stay competitive in track and field at the high-school level, said the immediate goal is to climb up the national champs standing to at least a top five position.

"I have no doubt that the talent is something we can find for the next few years to come. What really would be an issue for us is whether or not we get into the top five where we can get a better look at sponsorship to assist us," Wright said.

In the boys section, Rusea's will be banking on Jordani Woodley, a Class Two sprint hurdler as well as Brighton Senior in the 110m and 400m hurdler and Raheem Scott in Class Two 400m and 200m to get the bulk of its medals.

On the girls' side, the school will look to the Shaw sisters, Alecia and Keliesha as well as Western Champs Class Two 100m and 200m winner Lashawn Haye, Class Three 200m and 400m champion Shantae Morgan and 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games 400m hurdles bronze medallist, Terice Steen, to make their marks.

"For now, winning the Champs is far off, in terms of realistic goals, but what we want to do is compete better each year and then if that comes we work with it," said Wright.

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