JFF has no plan for women's football...administrator said

July 18, 2018

JFF has no plan for women's

football - administrators Livingston Scott

President of Los Perfectos Football club, Tony James, says his team's decision not to enter the Jamaica Federation Football (JFF) Women's Premier Football League this year is because the sport's governing body in Jamaica, JFF, has no respect or plans for women's football.

The competition was abruptly called off before the season started last year, angering many stakeholders.

James noted that local football administrators have treated women's football with scant regard and leading into the new season he never got the impression that the administrators were 'serious' or were working to improve this version of the game.


"They (JFF) have no respect for the clubs. There is very little involvement and they have no plans," he said.

He insisted that with no long- term plans, the sport is going nowhere. "You stop a competition for a year. You can't plan for football year by year, you have to plan football two to three years down the line.

"The JFF called a meeting (last year). We made suggestions and alternatives and that was the last we heard from JFF. They didn't even call us back to tell us there wasn't going to be a league.Then the next (this) year, they come back, send an email that in two weeks teams will have to have their registration lists. They don't take football seriously," he said.

"Every year we meet, (Manchester FA) we ask if there is a technical plan and we get no answer. They (administrators) don't plan for football in a serious way. Call the parish presidents and ask what's happening for women's football in two years or call JFF and ask what will happen to women's football next year and they cannot tell you," he said.

But Los Perfectos are not the only club that will not to participate, as the queens of women's football, Barbican, have also opted out.

Captain Alecia James said that it is a lack of sponsorship which is preventing her side from taking part in the competition this year.

Barbican have won the competition for a record nine years straight. "That will make it more interesting, knowing we have to overthrow somebody," she said.

G.C.Foster, one of the main title contenders for the last few seasons, will also be absent.

The league is tentatively set to begin on July 28.

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