Speid endorses Drax Hall, Mount Pleasant

September 12, 2018
Spectators looked on at the Mount Pleasant vs Albion Mountain match in the Eastern Confederation football final at Drax Hall in St Ann on Sunday May 7,2018.

Cavalier's owner, Rudolph Speid, said Drax Hall, the home of debutants Mount Pleasant in the upcoming Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL), is ready for the new season and rates the venue among league's best.

Cavalier visited the popular St Ann venue for a friendly game against Mount Pleasant on Monday, and despite his team losing 2-1 to the star-studded hosts, he was impressed with how the club has developed the venue over the last few months.

"Six weeks ago we went there to play the women's Premier League against St Ann (women) and the venue was awful. There was dirt banked everywhere, it was just awful," he said.




"But what I saw last night (Monday) was much improved. They got rid of the container changing rooms and started building changing rooms out of concrete, which was one of the problems.

"The surface, while still not the best, I would say it is one of the best in the country. It still wouldn't surpass the National Stadium, Catherine Hall or Stadium East but it is a pretty decent surface and it will be better than most Premier League surfaces. So they would be in the top half of best Premier League surfaces," he continued.

"They have also put up light but it (light) is not up to standard to host night games. Lighting is not good enough because we have learned that it is less than a third of the requirement needed to play night games. So although they have good lighting it isn't consistent, as there were different readings at various parts of the pitch.

"But the underfoot condition has improved and they have improved the customer experience in terms of the seating capacity, and the fencing is more secure," he said

However, he argued that they would still be behind the likes of Harbour View, Waterhouse, Arnett, Montego Bay and his club Cavalier, but believes they are currently ahead of clubs like Tivoli.

"They (Mount Pleasant) are in the top six but not the best yet. They have promised more improvements and at this stage they are definitely ready for the Premier League, but they cannot host night games," he insisted.

He added that even spectators looked focus and ready for the new season to begin.

"What was significant was that there were about 4,000 persons there to watch the practice match, and they paid to get in," he added.

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