Calabar ready and raring to go – Hawes

March 11, 2019

After a runaway win last year for their 27th title and seven wins in a row at the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships, Calabar High School are confident that they will add to their title count at the end of Champs 2019.

The coaching staff believe they will win their eighth title because their team are rounding into form at the right time.

“Preparation has gone well for us. We have a few niggles here and there, but, generally, we have a team coming to fruition and we are preparing for a historic eight defence of our title. It is looking good going forward, and I think the team is in the right frame of mind and the right space, and everything should fall in place,”said assistant coach Omar Hawes.

The boys from Red Hills Road seemed to have hid their hands at the recently held Gibson McCook Relays, but Hawes believes they learned a lot about their team from the event.

“Actually, Gibson Relays was a good performance from our point of view as coaches. We were placed second in both Class Two and Three 4x100 and our Class One team was disqualified after winning, and these are relays which are at Champs, and I think it was a good all-round performance from the team,” he said.


As usual, Calabar are expected to be challenged by arch-rivals Kingston College and Jamaica College. KC, whose 31 titles make them the winningest school in Champs history, have been dominant at the development meets this season, and their fans believe that they can topple the defending champions. But, Hawes is not fazed by this threat .

“Several teams can win, but it boils down to the day or days of competition. You have to come to the championships and manage the athletes and perform on the day. It will come down to how your team is able to peak at their optimum at the championships and if people say Kingston College can win that is their views, as we have a team that can defend the title ,” said Hawes.

Hawes also refutes the view by many experts that his team is weak in Class Two.

“One would have seen some glimmer of reality to suggest that we have potent Class Two and Three teams, and it is just left to be seen in a few weeks time when championships come around,” he added.” We have a good overall team and the area we have concerns about, we can’t do anything at this stage, but, generally, it is a team effort and we will just wait to see how things go.”

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