‘Sorry Montego Bay’ - Coach Gama apologises to fans, concedes relegation fight

March 19, 2019
Luciano Gama

Head coach of Montego Bay United (MBU), Luciano Traina Gama, has conceded defeat in his efforts to save the club from relegation.

The Brazilian, whose arrival a few weeks ago sparked hope into the chances of the St James club staying afloat, has also apologised to the fans and the club members.

“The feeling is not good. I’m sorry for the Montego Bay United team and I’m sorry for the people of Montego Bay. They deserve to have a team in the Premier League. However, I think MBU must put everything that happened here on the table and make a plan to come back strong because Montego Bay is a place for the Premier League, we know that,” said Gama

After FC Reno became the first team to be relegated for the 2018/19 Red Stripe Premier League last Thursday, MBU is well on its way to join the Westmoreland outfit.


MBU went down 5-1 at home to Portmore United on Sunday, that leaves the team hanging by a thread.

The result sees MBU on 30 points in 11th pace, three points off Dunbeholden who are in the safe spot with a minus seven goal difference to MBU’s minus 23.

MBU’s only hope lies in a farfetched chance of them receiving penalty points from their 2-1 loss to Cavalier in January, after reports of the St Andrew team possibly using an ineligible player.

Despite the grim outlook, Gama believes MBU can come back stronger with strategic planning.

“Unfortunately, it was a season where things didn’t happen according to plan. Now they must make an analysis of where it went wrong and a project for the future to come back stronger in the Premier League,” he said.

When asked about this Wednesday’s game against Waterhouse, and his future with the club, Gama said they just have to be professional in what he considers a ceremonial game.

“We have one more game we must play that is practically a friendly. Maybe it will be a chance for those who don’t play so often. Of course, we know Waterhouse is a tough team and we must be professional until the end,” he said.

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