My helper's man thinks we had sex


October 13, 2015

My helper?s man thinks we had sex

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you about my problem. I lived in England for many years and I came back to Jamaica. My wife stayed in England while I tried to get the house ready for her to join me. All my children are abroad.

The people I bought the house from left some furniture. I gave them over to the young woman who used to wash and cook for me. I helped her to send the children to school. For about three days I did not see her. When she showed up I asked her what was the problem. She said her boyfriend doesn?t want her to come back because he accused her of having an affair with me. Pastor, this girl and I have never gone to bed. She is a nice looking woman who has five children. I have past that stage to be fooling around my helper. I was told that this young man has my name all over the place saying what and what he will do to me if I don?t stop fooling around his woman. I paid the young woman off and told her that she does not have to come back but everyday she is calling me and begging me to take her back because her children?s father is not giving her enough money.She has offered to take my clothes to her home and wash them and press them. I don?t think that is a good idea. What do you think about that?


Dear L.J.,

I suggest that you get another helper. This young man is out of order. His mouth is big enough to speak but he has nothing, lots of chat. Don?t allow the woman to take your clothes to her house. The next thing you might hear from her is that he destroyed your clothes. If in the future she is really in need and you can help her with a little money to send the children to school, do so, but don?t allow her to work for you anymore.


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