A woman tied my brother


October 14, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am writing on behalf of my brother. He is 55 years old. He is my younger brother. I am 60. His wife died suddenly and he took it very badly. He started to drink, but that was only for a while. Then he started to visit a woman in the district. She was married, but her husband died. I told him to be careful. He left his house and his children and moved into this woman's house. He was living with three of his children. He has a soft heart.

Although he is no longer living at his house, he would help the children to pay the bills. His first daughter has a child and she is not working, so he helps her. When the woman found out he was still giving the children money, especially his daughter, she started to fuss and say he was eating at her house, so she should get the money. I told him to leave the woman and go back home, but he wouldn't listen. The woman is older than him.

My brother started to do foolish things. He even started to help her wash, something is wife never had him do. People started to say that she tied him to her. If you saw how big my brother's belly is, you would know that something strange is going on. Sometimes when he is walking on the road, he is spitting. I told him that he should go and look after himself. Other people told him the same. He said nothing is wrong with him.

My nice brother needs help. If he goes to his house and stays a long time, she goes there and tells him to come home and he goes to her. What can I do to get my brother to leave this woman? I am desperately in need of your help.


Dear T.I.,

This might sound harsh coming from me, but I will say it to you anyway. Leave your bother alone. He is a grown man. He has made his decision. Don't listen to those who say that this woman has tied him to her. Evidently you don't like the woman, but he loves her.

She has him wrapped around her fingers, but often that is what love does. Love can turn some people into fools. Remember the song, "Everybody is somebody's fool." So if he is a fool for this woman, there is nothing you can do to stop him. If you really believe that your brother is ill, encourage him to go to the doctor for a check up.


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