My boyfriend is a bad influence for my son


October 16, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I have been living with my boyfriend for three years. I have two children, but he is not their father. I regret the very day I met this man. Whenever we have a little fuss he uses so much bad words, the devil would be ashamed of him and he does so in the presence of the children. He is very raw and out-of-order.


Now my little son, when he is talking, he has the same style. He learnt to talk that way from my boyfriend. This man calls me stink all the time, so the little boy calls his sister stink too. I am not working and I have to be depending on him for everything. Whenever I say that I can't take it, he curses me and tells me that I can leave his house because my vagina is too big and the enjoyment is gone out of it.

Please give me your advice.


Dear C.D.,

I suggest that you try and find a relative who has accommodation and is willing to take you in while you search for a job. You should not continue to be living with this man. He is a bad influence on the children and he does not care about the relationship that you are having with him, so end the relationship with this man. Don't just say that you want to leave, put actions into your words and leave.


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