My women always cheat on me


October 30, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am 40 years old and your radio show at nights has helped me. I lost out on three women. I lived with two different ones and they kept other men with me. I had one name on my account and she withdrew my money and disappeared.

Months after, I found out where she was and wanted to go after her, but family members told me I would get myself into trouble, so I should leave her alone.

I took another woman. She was a country girl. She came from a poor family. When she came to live with me, she only had one pair of pants and three skirts and not even a good panty. I had to give her money to buy everything.

I got a lady to come to the house. She used to buy and sell clothes. Some of the things I bought cash and some I credited. She could not speak proper English. She had rotten teeth and I sent her to the dentist.

Then she went down to visit her people in the country. When she came back, she wanted to go again and I asked her what for. I did not know that she saw an old boyfriend down there.

I went away on farm work and, Pastor, believe me, when I came back, she was pregnant for another man. I could not forgive her.

I have a woman now. It is so hard for me to trust her. Everyday she asks me why I don't trust her, but it is because of what I went through. She is nice. She treats me well. She thinks I am miserable. She has good manners and my friends like her. Some say I am too rough. I love her, but trust is a big issue with me and women because of what I went through.

I would always listen to your show. You open the eyes of many of us.


Dear P.T.,

The young women you mentioned lacked intelligence. The one who withdrew your money from the bank can be described as a thief, but some would say that you ought to be blamed because you added her name to the account. You trusted her and she carried you down, but don't let that bother you. You have overcome that incident and you are wiser now. The money that she took from you is probably finished and she did not even put it to good use.

It is amazing that the second woman did not consider that she had nothing and that you took her out of a very poor condition and helped her. Should I say you cleaned her up, dressed her up and made her very comfortable and attractive, and then she let down herself and let you down? What a silly young woman! Why couldn't she behave herself? The guy saw how well she looked and she lost control of herself and allowed him to have unprotected sex with her.

On the other hand sir, why worry? If she did not get pregnant, you probably would never have known that she cheated on you, so fret not.

I want you to try your best to love and respect the woman you have at present. She is trying her best. Evidently she loves and respects you. Don't rough her. Stop behaving as if all women are the same, they are not. Some are genuine, but just about all of them love one thing and that is money, so make sure you take care of her.


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