God's love: The only love I believe in


November 02, 2015
The Holy Bible

Dear Pastor,

Love only exists in God. Growing up I saw my parents and grandparents love but these days people tend to confuse love with infatuation and obsession. It is hard to love and to find genuine love. Seeing someone and desiring them instantly is lust. Just last month my classmates and I did a survey on relationship foundations and less than ten percent in the survey said that they are in a relationship because of love, fifty percent because of material things and the other forty percent because of lust. God is love and that's the only love I believe in because personally speaking it is hard to love and not to be loved in return.


Dear J.W.,

From the very tone of your letter I can see that you have had bad relationships and such relationships have left you bitter. You now believe that there is nothing that is called true love. No one is genuine, but I want to tell you that you are wrong. It is not only your parents and grandparents who experience love. Thousands of couples today genuinely love each other and are enjoying each other. Of course, there are others who are not together because of love. To them it is only the physical that is important. That's all they know and such relationships do not last for a long time. Couples who desire the highest good of each other grow together in love and the love grows deeper and deeper until death separates them. It's not always easy for a young man to find a good wife or for a young woman to find a good husband but it is possible if they put their trust in God. He is still guiding his own and he will give each

person the desire of his or her heart.


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