My mother is disgusting!


November 06, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am 20. I am living with my parents, two brothers and two sisters. My father is away. My mother is very controlling and disgusting. My older sister got pregnant when she was 18. My mother told her she had to leave. My mother did not like her boyfriend. My father sends money to my mother to support us.

When my sister told my father she was pregnant, he was disappointed, but encouraged her to have the baby. My mother told her to have her man find a place for her or she would kick the baby out of her. so she went to live with the guy. He is treating her well. She went back to school and finished her subjects.

Because of that, my mother wants to treat me as if I am a child. I can't go anywhere. Pastor, I packed my bag already. The day my mother tries to hit me for going out, I am gone. Don't you think I am old enough to have a boyfriend? I am sexually active, but my boyfriend and I don't take chances. I am in nursing school. I love my mother, but she is ignorant.


Dear P.M.,

I am tempted to say your mother is overprotective. However, she should know that at the age of 20, you ought to know how to protect yourself if you are determined to have sex. A mother ought to know how to talk to her daughters instead of insulting, threatening and condemning them.

I hope you do well in nursing school. I trust that your sister will also seek to get a profession, if she is not well on her way. Although your mother is not very kind to her daughters, if you do well she will be proud of you. Take good care.


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