Parents should teach children about sex


November 10, 2015

Dear Pastor,

Young children are curious and if parents do not teach them about sex they will try to find out on their own. When I was a boy and was going to school we used to ask the girls whether they are slim or fat down there. Some of the girls will tell us. Some even volunteered to show us. We did not have cellular phones with camera at that time so nobody took pictures but we used to laugh and that was in prep school. The teachers didn't know what we were carrying on with so nobody got into trouble.

Nowadays children have cell phones and they take pictures, so parents should teach their girl children not to allow boys to see them because they may take pictures of them and put it on social media. C.B.

Dear C.B.,

You are so very right. There are parents who believe that their children will never do certain things. They fail to realise that children are children. They are the same everywhere. Training is what is important. They need guidance. Children do naughty things and they look at parents and laugh at them. As they grow up they play games with their bodies such as, show me yours and I'll show you mine. How many remember the game boo peep? That's how a lot of kids got involved in sex.

Sex education should begin at home and let us not fool ourselves, it is wrong not to talk about sex from the time our children are at a tender age.


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