My husband got my niece pregnant

November 20, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am listening to you in Canada. Pastor, I married the man I am with, but he is not settling down at all. He is running around with other women. I am sorry I agreed to marry him. The last of it is that he got one of my nieces pregnant. He said he is not responsible. My niece is trying to protect him. He told me privately that he is sorry for what happened, but tells everybody else it is not his child.

I don't even like to see my niece. The thing is, she has a boyfriend and is trying to throw the belly on him. He is not intelligent enough to know the child is not his. Sometimes I tell myself I am going to call the guy and tell him the child belongs to my husband. If I do, that would break them up. Tell me what I should do.


Dear Unnamed,

If you are determined to know whether your husband is the biological father of the child, when the child is born, ask him to insist a DNA test be done. The young woman might resist doing so because she has convinced her boyfriend it was he who got her pregnant. You can tell your husband to shut up and not say anything. If her boyfriend has accepted the child, leave your niece alone. Concentrate on building a better relationship with your husband.

This man ought to be ashamed of himself for having a sexual relationship with your niece. Whether he got her pregnant or not, he has done a shameful act by having had sex with her.

I suggest you make an appointment to see a family counsellor.


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