I had sex with two men in one day!


March 05, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 24. My boyfriend is 25. We have been friends for two years. I have one child which is not his. I made up my mind not to get another child before I was married. This guy came into my life because my child's father wasn't doing enough to help pay my rent. I also had to pay someone to take care of the baby when I went to work.

He was a customer where I was working. When he got to know me, he would drop by and take lunch for me from time to time.

My child's father came to the house every evening so I could not go anywhere. My babysitter had to go to her house to take care of her family.

I thought the new guy was a decent enough person to become involved with. I chatted with some of his friends and they told me he was a good guy, so I believed them.

One day we decided to have a lunch date. By the time we were finished eating, it was time to rush me back to work. I promised I would have sex with him if we could find the time.

My birthday was coming up so I promised to have sex with him on my birthday. My boss told me I could take an extra hour from work on my birthday.

He took me to a hotel and we had dinner. He also booked a room so we could spend time together. That is exactly what we did. We were not concerned about using the condom until we were finished.

I made a mistake by not taking the morning-after pill. I had this deep feeling that nothing had happened. I am now four months' pregnant.

My child's father and I had sex when I went home. I was reluctant in having sex for the second time for the day. However, he brought me wine and sent a bouquet to my workplace, so that night I had sex with him. It was like breaking a record, having sex with two men in one day.

I know the child is not his because he mostly used the condom. He asked me how I was pregnant and he had used the condom. I didn't have a good reason. He called me a liar. He is trying to find out who is the father of the child.

He has moved out his clothes and said he is not coming back. The other guy is giving me attitude now. He does not believe this child is his so he said he is going to wait until I have the baby so we can do a DNA test.

I am so stressed. I am unlucky with men. Please give me your advice.


Dear H.A,

I am sorry to know you are having such troubles. You were too much in a hurry to go to bed with your new boyfriend. I suppose you felt you needed more money, was the reason why you got involved with another man.

Why doesn't this man believe you are carrying his child? Does he feel you are giving him a 'jacket' so to speak? And how can you be absolutely certain the child is his? Your child's father did not always use a condom when having sex.

You have been very careless. The only thing I can encourage you to do is a DNA after you have given birth. That would confirm whether the child is the son or daughter of your new boyfriend.


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