Boyfriend dumped me after 10-second sex

October 28, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am a 19-year-old who is very worried. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on one of my fertile days; however, it only lasted a few seconds (about 10 seconds), then I told him to stop because I didn't want to get pregnant. Six days after I saw blood stains and had cramps. I was very alarmed and started worrying. I took a pill. Well, he dumped me after I told him what I saw. He is now gone, and I am here all alone and worried about getting pregnant. Everyone looks up to me because they say I am a brilliant and well-behaved young lady. What should I do? Please help. I feel like committing suicide.


Dear S.R.,

If you have not gone to see a gynaecologist, I suggest that you do so right away. You made a mistake when you agreed to have unprotected sex, but in the midst of your indiscretion, you told the man to stop. He did, but was probably was very upset. Therefore, when you called him and told him what you have seen, he ignored you. And a thousand different thoughts might have crossed his mind.

A man can never feel what a woman is going through. He might try to empathise if he cares about the woman or he may just curse her and go about his own way. You are young and inexperienced, but even much older woman make mistakes. The world will not come to an end because you had unprotected sex, and it does not matter how long the guy's penis was in your vagina. You could have caught a disease or even become pregnant. Therefore, I repeat, you need to see a gynaecologist. You said that people look up to you; they don't need to know of the unfortunate experience that you had. If they do not know, they would not think less of you. Don't try to renew the friendship with this young man. He doesn't love you with all his heart. If he did, he would not have abandoned you. You have my prayers, and may God bless you. Please let me hear from you again.


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