His sister is talking foolishness


November 09, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Many blessings to you. You have given supportive answers to those who write to you.

I want to comment on the gentleman who wrote to you about his sister wanting him to leave his woman and children in Jamaica and marry a white woman overseas.

You gave him the correct answer, Pastor. Why would his sister tell him such rubbish? Do you think a white sister would tell her white brother to leave his white wife/woman and children for a black woman? Never!

I live in the United States and I must say this is the most prejudiced place I have ever seen. I came here from Jamaica when I was 19 years old and Lord Almighty, I didn't know that people could hate other people just because they don't look like them.

Tell that gentleman to stay with his woman and children. If he marries a white woman, her family will never accept him. He does not have money. They would call him names and make him feel like dirt, and probably not want him to have anything to do with his children back in Jamaica.

When are we going to learn that white women only want black men because they have money, and especially black Jamaican men because they think they are good in bed?


I am an educated black woman (well, light-skinned) but still a proud black woman. I can never find an educated black man because they are on the arms of white women.

I was the lady who wrote to you earlier this year about my married boss who kept showing up at my house and wanting to buy me things. Well, I left that job and I am waiting for God to bless me with another one.

I will never sleep with another woman's man, worse, a white man. He would never leave his wife for me, so why allow myself to be used?

Pastor, keep up the good work, and may God continue to richly bless you.


Dear O.,

I thank you for your comments. I know that some educated black women are very annoyed with our black educated brothers who would rather date and marry white women.

These white women consider Jamaican men special. Some say they treat them better than white guys. They have a long list of reasons why they prefer black men.

For many years I have had to deal with interracial marriages. I believe that love can make a difference. If couples love each other, they can learn to deal with each other and race does not have to be a big factor.

I do not mean to imply that the question of race will never surface because even if it does not cause problems with the couple, their relatives will make it a factor.

They may wonder why this white girl has married this black man. Some will welcome you to their homes while some will not.

A black man should not marry a black woman because she is black. Nor should a white woman marry a white man because he is white. They should get married because they love each other and cannot do without each other.


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