I want to help this needy girl

December 30, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am a 56-year-old man living in Kingston. I am employed to a private security company as a security officer.

I always listen to your show on the radio at nights and I also read your column in THE STAR.

In a letter published on November 16 of this year, I saw that a 29-year-old woman stated that she would like to relocate to Kingston, get a job and go to college, but she would like somewhere to stay.

I am willing to assist her if she is willing to join me. So you can give me a contact number for her or give her my number so we can talk and make some arrangements to meet her, if she has not yet found anybody to assist her.

Thanks you, Pastor. I await your reply.



Dear D.J.,

I thank you very much for your letter, but I must tell you that I am disappointed that you did not say more about yourself.

I cannot encourage a young woman to call a man or to meet with him because he has offered to give her help.

Apart from giving your age and your willingness to assist this woman, you have not given any information about yourself.

You have not said whether you are married or single. You have not said whether this girl would be given her own room, or anything like that.

So, you see, sir, anyone who is willing to help a student or so, should write and give detailed information of themselves.

They should also state the condition under which the person would live. I wish not to insult you, but I know that security officers do not make a lot of money.

So, how are you going to provide for this 29 year-old woman? In the past, people have asked me for the names of women who have reached out to the public for help and men had agreed to help them, but the motive, of these men were not pure.

Hence, I wish to be extremely careful about what I do, how I place people in homes, etc.


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