She taught me to read, now I want to leave her


February 17, 2017
Sad. Depressed. Distressed

Dear Pastor,

I greet you in my Master's name. I am a regular reader of your column. I am having a relationship with a woman who is 13 years older than I am. She was once married, but now she is divorced. I have been trying to get out of this relationship. But the more I try is the deeper I get.

Pastor, I don't have an education. It was this woman who helped me to read and write, and now I can read. My people think highly of her, but she is very controlling. Whenever I want to go out, she makes a fuss about it. Any woman who calls to me when I am outside in the yard, she accuses me of having an affair. When her female friends come to see her and they ask her who I am, she tells them lies. She says that she can't make them know the truth about me because they are going to call her a cougar.

Pastor, it is my friend who is helping me to write this letter. I want to leave her, but she is steeped in obeah. Every Friday night, she feeds the spirits. Sometimes, I can even feel them on the bed. I can also smell them. I never used to believe in these things until I met this woman. I know that she saves money for me. Whenever I ask her how much money she has saved for me, she doesn't want to tell me. Pastor, she is a very good cook.

People tell me that she has tied me to her and I believe. Sometimes when we are having sex, she says that what she is giving to me, no young girl will give me. Please I am asking you how to get rid of this woman. If I get the chance to go away, I would leave. I am looking in The Star for your answer.


Dear E.W.,

There is no magic in leaving this woman, but I believe that you would be afraid to do so because you believe that she has the power to put a spirit on you. But I do understand how thankful you are to this woman. On the other hand, I could never encourage you to remain with her because there is no future in the relationship. She doesn't even fully accept you as her man because she doesn't want some of her friends to know that both of you are intimate. You are satisfying her fantasy. You cannot be sure that this woman has put away money for you. Put your foot down and demand your money. Tell her you would want to have a younger wife and perhaps children. So regardless of how strong her obeah is, you are going to leave her. However, be prepared to leave immediately because she is not going to take what you said lightly. But I say to you, sir, get out of this woman's life.


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