Babymother keeps pressuring me for money


August 16, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I have written to before, and your replies have been of great help to me. I must say thank you.

The thing is now that I have got out of the relationship with this girl, I feel happy, relieved, not stressed and definitely gaining a lot of weight and looking great. Whenever she calls or texts me, she behaves as if I am not taking care of my child. She tries to demand things from me, but there is no way she is going to get anything from me. I would prefer to go to the supermarket and purchase whatever my child needs.

She takes the money that she is working to buy things for her comfort and not for the child. She pressures me for everything. I am trying to get my life back in place because I have left everything that I previously owned for her and the child. So, I have to be rebuilding my life, and she doesn't care about that.

I need your advice. What do you think I should do?


Dear R.W.,

I know you have taken the stance that you would not give this woman any money, but I am not going to encourage you to hold back in giving her money for the child. It is true that you can go to the supermarket or any store and purchase what you believe that the child needs. But, I believe that it is proper to come to an understanding with this woman and find out how much money she would need to get per week for the maintenance of your child, and let her have that amount of money weekly.

You wouldn't want this woman to have anything over you. If you do not give her any money at all, she would tell the world that you are not a good man and that you are not taking care of your son. You believe she is a squanderer, and perhaps she is. But, do your part and try to keep good records of what you are doing for your child. Every cent that you have given her, make a record of it. In fact, it might not be a bad idea that you have this lady to put in writing how much she needs for the child per week.

My friend, take good care. I believe that you are trying.


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