My dad wants me to starve


August 16, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I have written to you about a current situation, and I think it's best for me to write back to you, Pastor. I'm so confused about everything that is happening in my life. I'm stressed out. Imagine, my father left the house and gave me $300 for breakfast, and I slept for almost half day. When I woke up, I called him and told him that I was hungry. He told me that he would be home soon. I didn't see him online after 9 going to 10 o'clock, Pastor. When he came in the house, I told him I was hungry, and he walked out and went downstairs.

When I went downstairs and knocked on the door, he opened it and I said: "Imagine, your belly is full going to bed and your child is here hungry." Anyway, he gave me $300 more and I went out and bought cheese bread and saved the other $200 for the following day because I knew what he is capable of.

In the morning, I went downstairs and he asked me if I couldn't wash the pot, and I said: "You could have washed it too." I knew I was wrong in saying that to him. He started to curse, Pastor, and I tried my best not to answer him, but I couldn't hold back. I turned to him and said: "You should try and cut out the foolishness. You should go and purchase a bed for me to sleep on because I am sure you are sleeping comfortably at nights while I'm on the floor." I started to express myself because I felt tired of everything.

Pastor, sometimes I wish I had a mother who could help me, but no, she prefers her other kids. What I don't understand is that my parents don't realise that if I were a bad child, I would have had sex for money since they are not giving me anything, but I choose not to do so.

Pastor, please get back to me soon as possible because I need your advice.


Dear S.R.,

Evidently, you do not think your father is treating you very well, but I know for sure that you do not respect your father very well. You are talking to him as if you are talking to a colleague. Perhaps you feel that you can go toe to toe with your father. You should learn to show respect. You consider $300 as nothing, but if that is all your father has, you should accept it and work with it, so to speak.

I am sure that if you should reason with your dad, things would be better between the both of you. Where is your mother? You have not said much about her. I hope that you would come to realise that you should not be in bed all morning knowing that you have chores to do. Change your attitude, I beg you. If you don't, your father would not think much of you. Learn to reason with your father all the time. I know you mean well.


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