My dad's side chick wants him to get her pregnant


August 17, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 17 years old and I am living with my parents. My father is 38 years old and my mother is 30 years old. My father and my mother are not married, but he treats my mother very well, and we have a good relationship. When my mother was pregnant with me, she had problems, and my father did not want her to have any more children.

My father is very sneaking. He has a girlfriend who is 19 years old. She is always with my father. Everywhere she wants to go, she calls him. My father told me that people say that they are having a relationship, but it is not true. But I know something is going on because this girl can't keep her mouth, and wherever she and my father goes, she tells one of her friends. She said that she wants my father to get her pregnant so that she can get more money from him.

I told my father about what I heard, and he said she would have to be an idiot to want him to get her pregnant. He said I shouldn't worry about that because, right now, he doesn't know whether she is male or female. He is still going out with this girl. He asked me not to tell my mother about what I heard because she would fret.

My father went away on holidays, and he shopped for all of us, including the young woman. He brought back a bag and hid it from my mother. He left the bag in his car. I opened the bag and saw some panties and tops, and they were not for me, but this girl and I wear the same size. So, I knew that they were for her, and I am upset about that.

Pastor, I am asking you, should I not tell my mother what is going on? I am waiting for your answer.


Dear L.O.,

Your father should have told you the truth. He didn't do so because he is afraid that you may tell your mother that he admitted to you that he is having an affair with this young woman. But, instead, he warned you not to tell your mother about what you heard. You did not say whether you assured your father that you would not say anything to your mother.

I cannot say that you should keep quiet about this matter because, evidently, this girl continues to talk. And perhaps she is saying things and hoping that your mother would hear. She has said that she would love for your father to get her pregnant, so she is not going to insist that your father uses the condom whenever they are having sex. She is an idiot.

Your father told you that she would have to be an idiot, but this girl is interested in money. And it's not only money, she is interested in taking away your father from your mother. The question is: what could your mother do to prevent your father from going with this girl? You have common sense, you know that what you saw in the bag that was in the car were not for you, and you suspect that they were for this young woman. Although the decision whether to tell your mother about what you know about your father and this girl is solely yours to make, if you were to tell your mother, you might save the long relationship your parents have had, because it would force your father to make a decision whether he should continue with your mother or go with this young woman. I believe that he would stay with your mother, even if he would hide and have sex with this girl from time to time.

I suggest that you go back to your father and tell him that you are concerned about your mother and that you would like him to end the relationship with this young woman and stick with your mother; otherwise, you will tell your mother what is going on.


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