My son fought my husband for beating me


August 20, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am writing you this letter with tears in my eyes. I am the mother of four children three boys and one girl. My first boy is of great help to me, but he is not my husband's child. One day my husband and I had a fuss, and my husband was thumping me and my son got involved and hit my husband with a broomstick. From that day, my husband does not like him. He told my son to leave his yard, and he also told my son a bad word and my son told him back. I had to tell him that he should not say that.

I packed up his things and sent him to live with one of my sisters who doesn't have any children. To this very day, my husband talks about how much he hates this boy because the boy hit him. Last week, my son came to see me; my husband was sitting on the verandah, and when he saw my son, he asked him what he was doing at our home. My son told him that he was there to see his mother and my husband told him that he should wait outside. The boy refused, and it almost caused a war. My son said as long as I am living at the house, he is going to come to the house.

My husband is very upset. How could I be living here and my son cannot come here to see me? I am asking you for your advice.


Dear A.M.,

Your husband cannot see that it was wrong for him to be beating you, but he could see that it was wrong for your son to hit him. And I am sure that when your son hit him, he was trying to tell him that he should stop beating you. It is unfortunate that the boy hit him, but it was disgraceful for your husband to be beating you.

I hate to think that your husband is so ignorant that although this thing happened, he still believes that your son should not come back to the house. That is total ignorance. You are his mother, and the boy has a right to visit you. For your husband to be saying that he should not come to the house will cause your son to develop animosity in his heart for your husband. That is not the way a grown man should behave.

May I suggest that you ask your pastor or someone who is respected in the area, like a justice of the peace, to meet with you, your husband and your son and discuss this matter, because if it continues like this, your husband will continue to hate this boy and your son would continue to hate him, and that would make you unhappy.


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