My wife doesn't want me to see her naked


August 25, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I have a problem that I would like to relate to you. I told my wife that I would talk to her pastor about it, but she said that that would make her feel ashamed.

So, I am turning to you for help. My wife and I are both Christians, and we have been married for six months. I used to hear that some Christian women hide their vagina from their men, but I did not know that my wife was like that.

I talked to her about it, but she hasn't changed. I once tried to go into the bathroom while she was having a shower, and she cried out for rape.

I did not even touch her, pastor. Whenever she goes to the bathroom and she comes out, she is fully dressed. When I play with her in bed, she wants everything to happen under the sheets.

What do you think is wrong with this woman, pastor? Please, tell me what you think.


Dear M.K.,

It seems to me that this woman has not got over her sexual inhibitions. I do not know whether you had premarital counselling before you got married, but counselling would have probably helped. She does not want you to see her in the nude, and that is very sad. However it does not mean that something is wrong with her.

When women are so very shy and have never had sex before, on their wedding nights, their husbands should undress them with all the lights on and assure them that everything is all right.

You might be surprised to know that some men have been so frustrated with women that they have threatened to take them back to their parents.

I could understand a couple of nights of frustration, but six months is a very long time for a man to be undergoing such stress with his wife.

Tell your wife that she is playing with her future. If the night is not cold, why would your wife want both of you to go under a blanket or sheet to have sex? That is foolishness.

Buy some books and read them together. You have no problem with standing or lying down in the nude with her; she shouldn't have a problem doing the same.

Your case is not unusual; this happens all the time with some people.

You need to make an appointment for and you your wife to see a sex therapist who can help her to overcome her sexual inhibitions.


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