He treats me like a prostitute


August 28, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 20 years old. I met a guy, and we became friends. He is not romantic at all, but I need someone to help me, so I am staying with him.

I know that he has a girlfriend, but she is not living with him, and he told me that they have an understanding that whenever she is coming to visit him, she should call first.

He does not visit her house. He said that it didn't matter to him if she has another man. They have a strange relationship.

Every time I go to his house, we have sex, and he always gives me money after having sex with me. I told him that I don't like that because it makes it seem as if he is paying to have sex with me.

He said I shouldn't look at it that way because I need the money. He has a way of having sex with me and then turning on the television while I am there alone wanting him to hug me.

One night when he was about to get up, I told him that he should stay and have sex with me again. He said his body couldn't take any more.

He even told me that if I wanted more sex, I would have to go home and call somebody else. I have never met a man like this man.

This man always says thanks to me after having sex with me. I would like to settle down with him, but whenever I ask him if he would marry me, he asks me what would he do with his other girlfriend.

He seems to love the other girl more than me. He doesn't hide anything. He is very plain.

I live in a place that I don't like. I told him that I would come and live with him, but he doesn't agree because his other girlfriend comes to his house.

I recently found out that she has a child. He says that he is not the father, but he showed me the picture of the little girl. Pastor, the girl resembles him.

I plan to go to his house when he is not expecting me so that the other girl can see me and leave him. I am afraid to do so because he may just tell me not to come back, and I need his help.

I do not have children, and he will not let me have any for him. He always has condoms. He is 30.

What do you think I can do to change his mind about his other girlfriend? I am working, but I am not making enough to pay my rent and maintain my car. I need his help.

I want to get this other woman out of his life. Every time I mention her, he tells me that she is not bothering me. He is always defending her, and I hate that.

He doesn't take me out, but he takes out the other girl.


Dear N.L.,

This man is not hiding anything from you. He told you that he has another woman in his life. He is not fooling you. You can either stay with him or end the relationship.

This man clearly favours the other woman to you. He told you about her. If you try to push him to leave his other girlfriend and be with you alone, you are likely to lose him.

It might not be a bad thing for him to leave you totally and stick with his other woman because by now, he probably sees you as someone who is greedy.

You have him, in your life to see how much you can get out off him, and he is not a fool. So, wake up. I urge you to look elsewhere to find a man you can call your own.

This man may love having sex with you and assisting you financially, but that's the furthest he will go.


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