Ex-con boyfriend wants to get me pregnant


August 30, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I have a boyfriend, and I will stand up for him. He spent some time behind bars, but he is out of prison now. We are living together, and only my very close friends know that he went to prison. He is doing mechanic work, and he is very good at it. Since he is out of prison, I am able to get my own car, and I don't have any problem in keeping my car in shape. It has never broken down with me. I have two children, but they are not living with me, they are with their father. My children don't know that this man went to prison.

Sometimes I wonder if I should tell them. Their grandparents are taking care of them. They don't want to give them up. This man wants me to have a child for him, but I am 40 years old. He has children, but he doesn't know where they are. When he went to prison, his woman left him and he doesn't know where she is.


Dear F.T.,

If you can see your children from time to time, leave them with their father and grandparents. From what you have said about your man, his time in prison has made him a better person. If you are not prepared to have more children, don't allow this man to force you into it. I hope he wouldn't change.

You don't have to tell your children that this man was in prison. Perhaps when they are much older, you may discuss that with them. In the meantime, try your best to save year money, and if you do not have a house of your own, try to purchase one. I wish you well.


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