My ex-boyfriend wants to marry me


August 30, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 24 years old, and I read your column. You give some good advice. I want you to advise me. I have a boyfriend who is 26 years old. He says he loves me. We have been going together for two years. He caused me to leave my former boyfriend for him. Now, my former boyfriend wants me to come back to him because he is ready to get married. I told him to give me more time because I don't want to move from man to man.

The man I am living with will not commit himself to marriage. I don't know what to do because I want to get married. I love this man more than the other man I left. Please give me your advice.


Dear R.L.,

The mistake you made was going to live with this man. You went to live with him, and he feels very comfortable. You are taking care of him in every way; with his meals, his house and you are giving him sex. He is getting everything a married man would get from his wife. So, in his mind, he is asking the question, "Why should I be in a hurry to get married? I am a happy man without giving the woman the ring."

You said you love your present boyfriend more than the other man. So, what I suggest is that you should tell him that both of you should go to see a family counsellor for counselling, and then you should determine whether it makes sense to continue the relationship.


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