I struggled to send myself to school


September 03, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I have a problem and I think this platform is the most suitable to publish it. I am a young man who has been going through difficult times since I was a child. I am from rural Jamaica and that saved me many times, because when I was hungry I could always eat a fruit or even hard coconut. My strong teeth paid off.

Anyway, my parents had me when they were young, and unfortunately, my father's only purpose was to provide the sperm to help create phenomenal me. My mother had to wash people's clothes to send me to school. She was naive and, again, she got pregnant by my father. She moved out in her advanced stage of pregnancy, and she never returned. She carried me with her, and I am grateful. Now, she had two of us to care for with no job or any formal education. I was able to attend primary school every day because I lived near the school, but as soon as I was to start high school, the problems started.

I attended school irregularly. I was unable to perform to the best of my ability because my attendance was poor, and I never even owned a textbook. In those days, if my tuition was not paid, I would not even get rental books. I did my entire secondary education without textbooks. I left high school without any subjects because I did not do any. After high school, I did not give up because I wanted to break the cycle of poverty, so at one point I worked on a farm and I saved my money. I did not have any money to go to classes, so I paid for the subjects and tutored myself. I bought the Youthlink and other study guides and practised the study guides that were published weekly. I was successful, and I attended university.


Throughout my tenure in university, I was verbally and emotionally abused by family members because we shared different opinions. They believed that it was a waste of time to attend university. I had no help while attending university, but God has been good, and I got eight grants within the four years of studies which helped me significantly. I was consistently on the honour roll, and I was making progress. I managed to successfully finish my degree and now I have a degree in social work.

Now that I am finished studying, I need to pay back my student loan, so I need a job. I also need to do my masters, because I believe in upward mobility. I am not seeking handouts because I have been doing things on my own from a very tender age until now. If there is anyone reading my letter and can help me to get a job, I would be grateful. There is a lot more to my life that I have not mentioned. It is not my intention to fill the entire newspaper with my letter. I really need a job. Thank you.


Dear D.D.,

I enjoy receiving these types of letters because they show that hard work and determination pay off. You had a difficult time growing up. Your mother had to work hard, but she did her very best to support you the best way she could. And thank God for that. Although, you wasted some time when you were in high school, you realised that if you were going to reach your goals, you had to work hard. So, you turned around, so to speak, and you concentrated on your schoolwork and now you have a first degree.

I assure you that if I receive a call from anyone who is willing to offer you a job, I will contact you immediately. I hope that you would not fail to give God thanks for helping you and that you would seek to honour Him in everything you do. My prayers are with you. May the blessings of God be upon not only you, but also your mother.


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