Babyfather won't allow me to see my child


September 12, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am sending greetings to you and your staff. I read your column every day; keep up the good work. I am in my late 30s. I do have a problem that I want to share with you. I am a mother of two girls, one in her early 20s and the other is 14. My last daughter lives with her father overseas. The problem I am having is, she doesn't communicate with me. It has been

five years since I've seen her. If I call her phone, she doesn't respond.

I only receive text messages from her when there are special days. It is killing me. I know that she can do better. I am her mother. Things didn't work out between her father and I. He got married and has her for himself only. Every cell in my body affects me. I asked him to send her for Christmas, and he said his family has important things to do, such as church. So, I asked him what about summer break, and he said he doesn't have any money so he can't send her.

Pastor, I know that he has money. He is just mean and selfish towards me. I know that he is telling her negative things about me. We spent 10 years together. I couldn't take the abuse anymore, so I moved out. I don't even remember what she looks like. I missed out on a lot. She is maturing. I don't hate him, I am just angry at him. Please, pray for me. I am looking forward to your answer.


Dear A.R.,

May God bless you and help you to keep your sanity. Your daughter's father is a wicked and selfish man. He told you that he can't send your daughter to visit you because he has commitment to church. He should be ashamed to mention what he has to do in church. Because as a Christian, he should have compassion, and he should know that you ought to have a good relationship with your daughter, and he should not stand in the way or do anything to block that relationship. I repeat, he is a wicked man.

You are quite correct. I am sure that he has not spoken highly of you to his daughter. However, you have to always bear in mind that she is only 14 years old and is not on her own. But please remember also that the day will come when this girl will become an adult and will be in a position to make her own decisions, and her father will not be able to prevent her from visiting you.

Try your best not to lose contact with her. Keep her number and address in a safe place. Ask her to send you pictures of herself and to let you know how well she is doing in school. My heart goes out for you.

Her father is a heartless man. But keep praying, God can turn things around.


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