Can't believe my lover stole my money


November 12, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I read your column every day, and I am having a problem. I believe that you can help me. I am in my 50s. I was once married, but my wife and I broke up. She is still around, and I see her. What I can give her, I give her. She is living with another man, but according to her, not much is going on between them.

I am living alone, but I have a female visitor. Whenever she comes to visit me, she cooks and she stays over. Sometimes she is here for a whole week. She is not living close to me.

Pastor, I had J$5,500 in a jacket pocket for two weeks, and after one weekend when the woman was here, I went into the jacket pocket to take out J$1,000 and all the money was gone. When this woman was leaving, I gave her US$50. That money was sent to me by my daughter who lives in the US. I could have given her the Jamaican money I had in my jacket pocket, but she had already seen the US$50 that I had in the room, and she asked about it, so I gave it to her.

This woman would swear on the Bible that she didn't take my money. When she comes here, she not only cooks, but she cleans the place. I don't have any other woman coming here. She started to cry when I told her that I believe she is the one who took the money. I told her not to come back, but she said she is not going to stop coming because she knows that she didn't

take it.

When I saw her crying, my heart broke. I am writing to you now to ask you what I should do to her. Every night I lie down in my bed and

wonder how my money could just disappear like that.

Tell me, Pastor, what you think happened to the money. Do you think she is so wicked as to take my money and cry her eyes out that she didn't take it?


Dear O.P.,

I hope that it is not your female visitor who took your money and is behaving as if she is so very innocent. I can imagine how much it hurts that the US$50 you got from your daughter was given to her, and at the same time, your J$5,500 was stolen. Do you think that she will be so wicked to get the US$50 and at the same time steal the J$5,500 you had in your jacket pocket? She had

to be searching to find that money in your jacket pocket.

Your J$5,500 couldn't just walk away like that; somebody had to move it. I wonder if someone else has a key to your house. You may think that nobody comes to your house when you are not there. But, perhaps someone came and searched and found the money and took it away.

I wouldn't encourage you to stop your female visitor from coming back to your house. What I would want you to do is not to keep much money at your house in the future. Put your money in the bank. Don't embarrass the woman by mentioning the loss you have suffered. Change the lock on your room door.

I wish you well.


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