Got a woman pregnant after a one-night stand


November 15, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I currently reside in Raleigh, North Carolina, but I travelled with friends to Jamaica to celebrate my birthday in July of this year at a hotel.

While I was there, I met a lovely young woman who resides in Jamaica. We met in the disco and after many drinks, we spent some very intimate times together.

Normally I would've used protection, but it was in the heat of the moment and I had nothing with me.

We fell asleep in my bed and when I woke up the following morning, she was gone. I didn't get her name or any contact information. One of the friends I was with visited Jamaica a few months ago and learnt from someone that the young woman I was intimate with is pregnant with my child.

I would like to reconnect with this young woman so that I may assist with parental and other expenses and to be present in my child's life.

Hopefully, you will share this message so that we may reconnect. I also want to be guaranteed that my name will be placed on the child's birth certificate, as I believe every child should know both parents.


Dear T.C.,

What you are asking me to do, I will not do. Your request is denied. You would have to be an extremely careless man to become sexually involved with a woman; and you did not even know her name or anything about her.

This particular person you are purporting to have told you that the girl is now pregnant, should have been able to give you the girl's name and why he/she believes that you are the one who impregnated her.

If you are really so concerned that you might have impregnated this young woman, you should return to Jamaica and check this thing out for yourself.

You shouldn't be asking me to try and find this woman for you. Excuse me, sir, but I believe that you are out of order. You say you had unprotected sex, "but in the heat of the moment you had nothing with you".


That is nonsense. If a man has no protection, he should not use as an excuse like "the heat of the moment". That is carelessness, because if the person was suffering from an STI, including AIDS, he could have become infected and pass it on to others.

So, at the risk of being cursed by you and others, I stand firm and say you have not behaved as a wise man, and I refuse to be used by you. Although you have sent your email address, I will not grant the request you have made.

But, I suggest that the person who informed you that this girl is now pregnant and that you are responsible for the pregnancy, should get all the information he/she can get on your behalf so that you return to Jamaica as soon as you can to meet with this young woman.

I am sure that the hotel where you stayed would be glad to have you as a guest again.

Jamaica needs more tourists; and by the way, your dollar is very strong. The more often you come, the better for this country.


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