Some Christian women only want 'money men'


January 09, 2019

Dear Pastor,

Greetings to you in Jesus' name. I greet all your readers and I wish everybody a prosperous new year. I hope Jamaica would become a better place for all of us to live in the year 2019.

I grew up in the church. I am still attending church. I sing on the choir and sometimes I preach. I have never been married.

The girls I liked when I was young didn't seem to like me. I don't have any children, and I am in my 60s. I don't think I will bother about getting married.

Some of these girls in the church are just like 'worldians'. They are after money, houses and cars. They are some good brothers in the church, but the girls push them to the back burner because they are poor.


I have my own house and I am recently retired. But, this letter is not to appeal to you to help me find a wife. It is to encourage you to keep up the good work that you are doing.

I would also like to let you know that I listen to the programme 'The Bible speaks'. The hymns are great. I would continue to listen everything.

Happy new year to you.


Dear C.K.,

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am glad you have enjoyed the column over the years. You seem to have been disappointed by women whom you love but who did not reciprocate.

But I don't think you are condemning all women. You say that some of the girls in church are like 'worldians'. They like the same things that non-Christian women like, such as houses, cars and money.

Don't be too hard on these women. All women, whether they are Christians or non-Christians, are seeking security and if a man can't give a woman a certain amount of security, a woman would go for him.

And, frankly, I see nothing wrong with that. A wise woman would not want to be supporting a man totally. We know that love is important, but as the saying goes, "Money makes the world go round."

In these days, men who earn a lot seem to get the girls most people desire. Those women who have rejected you, might have sent the wrong message to you.

But it is never too late for a shower of rain. Although you are retired and in your 60s, you may meet a good woman who may love and care for you. So, I wish you well.


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