Devil made me cheat on my husband

August 07, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I have been reading your column for more than eight years and sometimes I used to laugh at some things women wrote to you about. But I have found myself in a position where I need your help.

I am married but my husband was away for more than three months and the devil got in my way. One of my ex-boyfriends visited me and persuaded me to allow him to sleep over.

The understanding was that he was going to get up early and leave so that my two girls would not be aware that a man slept in the house. I told him that I had never cheated on my husband and he said that this would be a first.

I lost control of myself when we started to make out. I stopped when I realised that we were going too far. How could a 35-year-old married woman allow an old boyfriend to get her so much in the mood for sex?

I pulled him into my room and locked the door. He promised me that he would withdraw before discharging. My husband and I have used that method as a form of birth control.

I asked him how he could withdraw when it was time for him to ejaculate. He told me that he did it all the time.

Soon after we started to have sex, he shouted and I could feel him having an orgasm. But he could not withdraw in time. I was scared but he told me that I should not worry because he did not believe that I would get pregnant.

Two weeks after that, I should have seen my period but it did not come. But my husband came home and we made love. I told him nothing. I was so tense but at the same time I was glad to go to bed with my husband.

I am pregnant, I know I am. I don't know what to do with myself. Knowing my husband, he will never forgive me for cheating. I told my friend who got me pregnant.

He is encouraging me to do an abortion before my husband finds out. My husband is going back abroad in two weeks. Oh, Pastor, the devil is so strong. He has put me in a pot of soup. Please for your advice.


Dear I.D.,

What do you really want me to encourage you to do? You say you have put yourself in a pot of soup. Indeed, you have created problems for yourself and that should not have happened. Evidently, this man was one of your old lovers.

He should not have been near to your house. He could be described as an 'ol' time fire stick', and 'ol' time fire stick easy fi catch'.

You are a grown woman and you should know that the withdrawal method is the worst type of birth control.

Approximately 30 per cent of women who practise this method become pregnant.

Your husband was back in Jamaica and I can imagine how you pretended that you loved him but your conscience would kill you. The man who got you pregnant told you that you should know what to do.

When you went to bed with him, you drew him into your bedroom. You should have insisted that he should leave and not allow Satan to get into your life.

According to you it was Satan. I want to say to you that it was not Satan, it was ol' fire stick and you who messed up your life.

What can you do now? Have your baby and beg your husband to allow you to make plans to leave his house. Of course, you can tell your husband that you cheated. He might forgive, but prepare for the worst.


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