Macka thrills at pop festival


October 01, 2015


thrills at

pop festival

Dancehall star Macka Diamond was a big hit at the Piccolo Little Burgundy club in Montreal, Canada, during her performance at the Montreal International Pop Festival recently.

She closed the event, performing after earlier stints by The Salvation Army and New York-based female rapper Junglepussy.

She hit the stage singing Done Already and then went into her hits Cow Foot, Hula Hoop, Body Calling, Karma and Twist Me. However, the biggest forward of the night was reserved for Dye Dye, one of the biggest hits of her career. She was forced to do the song three times to numerous forwards from the large audience of mostly white fans.

"They loved me, one of my fans came backstage after the show and said 'Macka, you are our queen'. Somebody also approached me to play a role in a movie about dancehall they will be shooting in Montreal next year so I am looking forward to that," she said.

The International Pop Festival featured five days of music, art, panels, workshops, films and crafts. More than 400 bands played in more than 50 venues across the city, mostly located in the Mile End area of Montreal. Macka Diamond will be releasing a video for her popular Weave single when she returns to Jamaica in October.

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