Dancers Paradise| Marvin upbeat about THOT Wine video

October 09, 2015
Contributed From left, Marvin, Rags to Riches and Radijah

Marvin upbeat about THOT Wine video

Curtis Campbell

STAR Writer

Controversial dancer Marvin, recently wrapped up the filming of the THOT Wine video, in which he is the starring act.

Known the 'King of Daggering' dancehall, the dancer said the video will impress viewers, based on entertainment value.

"This video is going to be very entertaining. yu have dancehall Queen Nickesha in it and other people from my M Squad, and we put out some nice energy. Radijah is like my brother so you know Marvin had to shell it," he told Dancers Paradise.

Known for his acrobatic moves and sometimes daring antics, the Marvin said he did not go overboard with his usual stunts for the video. However, he is sure to stand out.

The THOT Wine dance video was filmed in Port Royal. Marvin says the concept was Gothic.

"We had our faces painted so it looked like mask, and you know the place looks haunted, so that tied in well with how we choreographed the dance moves. All the dancers came together and sold the concept well, based on their creativity and wi satisfied," he said.

Marvin also commented on Daggering in the underground dancehall scene, stating that the particular style of dancing decline. However, he intends to bring it back to the forefront.

"Daggering nuh strong like one time, that is why, with THOT Wine dance move, we are going so hard. We are trying to bring back the vibes where man and woman dance together. Mi a give credit to Ding Dong wey bring back dancing, and it's the same way mi wah bring back daggering. Also mi and Shelly Belly nuh too get along well, but mi wah big him up same way because he is one of those dancers always representing for daggering in dancehall," he said.

The dancer also had a message for female dancers who are afraid to participate his dancing stunts.

"Mi nah hurt the girl dem. every girl wey mi dance wid alright and safe. Suh women don't need to be afraid of me, don't run from me when I am dancing, it's safe, a just the energy wey mi deliver," he said.

Marvin is focused on promoting his dance crew M Squad and will release a song in coming weeks. He is also expected to make appearances in New York, Chicago and LA before the end of the year.

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