Sadekie releases new singles

October 12, 2015
Contributed Sadekie

Curtis Campbell

STAR Writer

Reggae/dancehall artiste Sadekie is promoting a series of new singles, produced by record label 5 Stars Records Inc.

The singles include Rise And Shine, Call My Cellular and Shine. Sadekie said the reception from the public has been positive.

"The producer I am working with rite now is Mr Clifton Lawrence, who is also the owner of 5 Stars Records. I have been getting a great reception and people have been gravitating to my music very well," he told the STAR humbly.

The singles are available on various online stores and are being distributed by Zojack distributors.

"So far we have been doing well in Europe, we have been getting airplay in Spain, Italy, France, England, America and the Caribbean. We also made some progress in the US after we were featured on Flex FM," he said.

The artiste says he intends to bring more creativity to the music industry and will dabble with genres outside of reggae.

"I am bringing to the music industry creativeness, positiveness and versatility. I am also a flexible artiste because I can do other genres of music outside of reggae and people will get a chance to see that side. Music lovers should keep tuned to my music because I try to keep it real and simple. It's not only about the voice or talent, but also my ability to bring forth a message through my music that can be a form of inspiration to others," he said.

A music video for the Rise And Shine single was recently released and can be viewed on Hype TV and YouTube.

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