Una Morgan recovering from heart attack

October 13, 2015
File Una Morgan

Una Morgan recovering from heart attack

Curtis Campbell

STAR Writer

Amid the historic 'Catch A Fire' tour uniting reggae's legendary the Morgans (Morgan Heritage), the Marleys and the Rileys, illness struck Morgan Heritage's first lady, Una Morgan, who experienced a near death encounter.

Una Morgan, the daughter of veteran reggae crooner Denroy Morgan, complained about feeling ill and had to depart the tour. She was subsequently taken to the hospital as her organs reportedly shut down and went into cardiac arrest.

The artiste, who was undergoing treatment for a thyroid disease for a period of time before going on the tour, is perhaps lucky to have survived a congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation.

According to her publicist, Malaika, Morgan was placed on bed rest under the watchful eyes of her doctors. However, her health further

deteriorated and eventually led to cardiac arrest.

Speculations and concerns on Morgan 's health also prompted the singer to send out a statement for her fans.

"To my friends and fans around the world, who have been asking where is Una, I want to say first praises be upon the most high in Zion for the second chance he has given me at life. Every day since my release from the hospital, tears have filled my eyes and my heart thinking what life would have been like for my children, family and friends if it was really my time," she said.

"To all, please, please do not take for granted or ignore what your spirit and body is trying to tell you. They will never lead you wrong. I want to say to those who knew of my condition, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, and to those who are just now just hearing, just know that I am blessed and healing everyday."

Besides touring with Morgan Heritage, Morgan was in the middle of adding the finishing touches to her debut solo album, The Evolution of Me, that is expected to be released in December. She was also marketing her first fragrance, 'Una' by Una Morgan, which includes candles, soaps and body lotions.

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