Rhyme Minista takes positive path


October 14, 2015
Contributed Rhyme Minista
Contributed Rhyme Minista

St James-based dancehall artiste Rhyme Minista has once again struck a commanding musical chord with a slew of new singles.

This time, however, these singles are of a more positive nature, which the artiste says is a strategic move to help today's youth stay focused on what is important.

"Many youths look up to Rhyme Minista as a role model and as such, I take that responsibility very serious. So if you notice that I have many more uplifting songs now than previously; it is not by chance. When me look at the crime rate in Jamaica, it mash up me meds, so I am just a doing my part by giving the youths a reminder that success is what we all should be looking to achieve,"Rhyme Minista said.

The artiste, who is known for his hard-hitting gangster lyrics and electrifying stage presence, says he is more mature now and is looking to show the other side of Rhyme Minista.

"The world already knows that Rhyme Minista can lyrically write off any artiste and can mash up any stage, so at this point it is about showing the conscious side of Rhyme Minista, and so far the people can't get enough," he said.

Currently, Rhyme Minista is signed to Starz Plus Management and is promoting his new singles Fast Life and They Don't Know featuring fellow Montego Bay-based artiste Teejay.

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