October 16, 2015
Rebecca Herbst plays Elizabeth Webber on General Hospital.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Brooke wondered how Ridge could be the father of Caroline's baby if he once had a vasectomy. Caroline became anxious when Pam told her that Brooke knew about her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Steffy was concerned about how Thomas would react to the baby news. Ivy tried to make Wyatt understand why she no longer wanted to be a model.

Nicole hoped that the talk she had with Zende wouldn't jeopardise their relationship. Ridge and Caroline speculated about Brooke's true intentions after she acted overly enthusiastic about the pregnancy.

Watch For: A Halloween party is filled with more tricks than treats. A child questions his parents' motives. A family reunion takes a turn for the worse.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Ben admitted that he was the necktie killer. Andre and Stefano pressured Aiden. Rafe tried to ignore his feelings for Hope by focusing on another woman in town. Lani questioned Abe about his past. Steve encountered extreme danger in Mexico. An ailing Bo struggled to get back to his loved ones.

Aiden took the first steps to carry out his deadly plot. Daniel and Nicole shared a day of romance. Gabi received some shocking news from Rafe. Sonny said good-bye to Salem once again.

Watch For: Bo is shocked to learn that Hope is getting married. Kayla and Joey have an emotional confrontation over his latest stunt. Shawn questions Hope's decision.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Alexis shared some jaw-dropping news with Julian that would change his life forever. Kiki helped a bewildered Nina prepare to host a family visit with Maxie and Nathan. Franco was thrown by Nathan's comments about his intentions for Nina. Nathan urged Dante to tell Lulu the truth.

Carly, Michael and Morgan offered support to a struggling Sonny. Spinelli made an important discovery while helping Sam and Jake. Alexis advised Julian on how to handle Olivia. Liz asked Jake to quit the investigation into his identity. Lulu observed tension between Laura and Nikolas.

Watch For: Dillon and Dante fight over Lulu. Paul seeks out Anna on the pier. Ric gives Sonny some legal advice he'd rather not hear.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Neil and Gwen tried to convince Dr. Neville to help them with Hilary. Noah was hurt when the psychiatrist told him that his mother didn't want any visitors. Lily felt that her marriage to Cane was back on track until she made a shocking discovery. Luca taunted Marisa with details of her past.

Noah sensed that Marisa was upset and pressed her to open up to him. Devon and Paul discussed possible motives on why someone might kidnap Hilary. After Victor ordered Adam to put a stop to the Paragon Project, Adam admitted that it might be too late to stop its destruction against Newman Enterprises.

Watch For: Victor blames Billy when tragedy strikes his family. Nikki and Phyllis prepare for a big event. Devon's world is turned upside down at the Halloween gala.

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