RDX pays tribute to Bogle


October 22, 2015

Celebrating 10 years in 'dancing heaven', RDX thought this year was a perfect one to salute danchall dancing pioneer, Gerald 'Bogle' Levy.

Earlier this year the duo recorded the tribute single, Mr Wacky, and followed up earlier this month by releasing excellent visuals for the project.

The video itself took more than the normal effort and time as the concept called for individual shoots with a host of local dancers as they performed their varied versions of dances created by Bogle. Four weeks later, the official video, directed by the duo, along with the assistance of popular music directors Xtreme Arts, is 'out and bad'!

The video features some of Jamaica's most popular dancehall dancers.

"We wanted to give those dancers who love and respect Mr Wacky's legacy a chance to pay tribute in dance. That being said, watch the video and see who is missing because that may mean their ratings for Bogle is not as they advertised," Delomar, one half of the duo said.

The duo's presence is also noticeably absent in the video, and this was actually done deliberately.

"This song and video was done as a mark of respect for the works of Bogle; it's not about RDX, it's about Gerald Levy, so we decided our physical image wasn't necessary in this video," Renigade, the other half, added.

RDX executed a street premiere of the music video earlier this month at popular party session Uptown Mondayz. The video has received more than 25,000 views since its official release on their RDX VEVO channel a week ago.

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