Anthony gets big response to Cruzing


October 23, 2015
Contributed Anthony Cruz

Reggae star Anthony Cruz is pleased with the critical and commercial response to his EP, 'Cruzing', released worldwide in May on the reggae imprint Tad's Record.

Cruz recently returned to the island after a month-long promotional tour. He made appearances on radio and online stations, and also did interviews for international magazines. The press junket boosted the visibility of the EP in the marketplace.

While in the US, Cruz also performed at the Irie Jam concert in Roy Wilkins park in August before doing a mini-park gig in the Cayman Islands as part of Jamaica 53rd celebrations in August.

He also turned up for a performance at Jamaica Day celebrations at Eltham High School, where he performed alongside R Embassida, Jah Izrehl and Sophia Squire. Cruz has begun to grow his covenant, abandoning the clean-shaven look for which he is known internationally as he pursues his rastafarian beliefs.

"I was always a rasta inside, but now that it start to manifest itself in my outside appearance. Nothing happens before the time," he said.

The artiste is getting a decent buzz on the US college circuit with the single, Pound A Day. He plans to shoot videos for a number of the singles from the EP.

"The EP is a preview of what is to come with the album. There is a single, a combination with Dennis Brown, that we feel is going to be big," he said.

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