Macka Diamond wows in Brantford


October 23, 2015
Macka Diamond

Dancehall superstar Macka Diamond wrapped up her Canadian radio and press tour with a hyped-up performance at 'Hennessy Explosion' in Brantford, Canada, last week.

She hit the stage singing songs Done Already before going into her hits, Cow Foot, Hula Hoop, Twist Me, Body Calling, Karma and Twist Me. She invited a male member of the audience on stage. The chemistry between them was so strong it seemed they were having 'outercourse' in the middle of the club as Macka 'bubbled' seductively on the lucky male patron while his friends cheered him on.

She introduced her latest single, Mosquita One, that energised the audience. however, the biggest forward of the night was reserved for Dye Dye, one of the biggest hits of her career.

Last month, Macka Diamond was a big hit at the Piccolo Little Burgundy club in Montreal, Canada, during her performance at the International Montreal Pop Festival.

The festival featured five days of music, art, panels, workshops, films and crafts. Macka represented for dancehall-reggae. More than 400 bands played in more than 50 venues across the city, mostly located in the Mile End area of Montreal.

"The festival introduced me to a whole new set of fans, and a different high-end part of the marketplace, and I enjoyed it thoroughly," she said.

Macka Diamond will be releasing a video for her popular Weave song when she returns to Jamaica shortly. She will be doing projects with Chase Mills and Birchill records this winter.

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