Dilly Chris collabs with Belizean singer


October 28, 2015
Contributed Dilly Chris in a scene from the Body Good video

Dilly Chris has collaborated with Belizean singer Tanya Carter on a new single called Body Good. The song, produced by Vexxx Bad Records, has been getting strong airplay locally.

The accompanying music video, shot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was directed by Trak from Midtown Studios in Florida.

Dilly Chris, who is Jamaican but is based in Fort Lauderdale, revealed how the collaboration with Carter came about.

"After doing my part of the song, I reached out to a few female artistes to do the collaboration. I found Tanya's DJ Mr Geeh on Facebook and, after speaking to him, I sent the song. Tanya liked it and we made it happen," said Dilly Chris. "Working with Tanya, the vibe was great. She is very down-to-earth and funny. There was never a dull moment."

He explained the concept of the song, the video of which is currently in rotation on local music video channels.

"The concept of the song was just giving love to women with good bodies and letting them know that they are constantly on the minds of their significant other," he said.

Dilly Chris recently performed at Bling Dawg Summer Invasion in Portland.

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