Khago, lover split over song?

October 28, 2015
Contributed Khago

Controversial dancehall artiste Khago is once again making headlines. This time for his latest single 'True Feelings'. The song, which many believe is directed at the mother of his child, has been causing tension in his household, as his current girlfriend is against its promotion.

Khago, who is known for hits such as Blood A Boil and Nah Sell Out 1 and 2, told THE STAR that the situation has gotten so out of hand that his girlfriend has even moved out of their home.

"Me write True Feelings about a general situation. Now me girl get up and gone because she say a me babymother me a talk bout. We have been living together for the last two years, and now she just get up and move out and leave me. She a say she don't feel secure with me and she not taking it anymore," he told THE STAR.

The song, which was released earlier this month, has been making its rounds on social media, describes the relationship between a man and his ex-lover. Though relatable to his life and current situation, Khago was adamant that the song was not aimed at anybody in particular.

child together

"My girlfriend has been quarrelling about the line, 'I pray the landlord put you out and my house you try come stay'. She a cuss and say when a man writes a song like that, it must a come from somewhere. Mi buy a brand new white BMW and she mash it up because of the song," he said.

Questioned about the relationship he currently has with his babymother, Khago stated that they do communicate, but that is only because they have a child together.

"Anytime me talk to me babymother is a problem. Mi girlfriend a quarrel say she call too often. She have the feeling that we still have something going and me miss her so much that me write the song True Feelings about her, but the song is just about life in general," he said.

When contacted, Khago's girlfriend, who wished to remain anonymous, told THE STAR that unlike the artiste, she has moved on with her life.

True Feelings is currently in heavy radio rotation both locally and overseas. The explicit version of the song has also been making the rounds on social media.

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