Kuzi goes viral after falling off stage


October 28, 2015
Contributed Kuzi KZ

Earlier this year, a video of a talented young artiste called Kuzi Kz, falling off stage mid-performance went viral, but surprisingly, the artiste didn't miss a note and continued to perform his song, while lying on his back on the club floor.

When he finally got back to his feet and clambered back onstage, he was met with thunderous applause by the audience, who admired his pluck and determination.

"I never give up ... when I fell, I had two options - admit defeat and allow it to spoil my performance, or just pretend like nothing happened, and continue, even from the floor ... I didn't miss a note," Kuzi Kz said.

Since his fall, Kuzi, known for singles such as Gal Dem Say, which has racked up thousands of views on YouTube, and Can't Gimme No Talk, featuring Rholin X, has experienced a boost in his show requests, and online followers on Twitter, Instagram and his YouTube channel.

"Yes, everything boost ... crazy people ah link me all over say dem see the video and dem say mi is a real star, the way mi deal with adversity and come through it with flying colours," he said.

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Kuzi Kz, born Oneil Burke in 1981, grew up in Above Rocks, St Catherine. He attended St Mary's All-Age and St Mary's College and started recording music professionally at 18. He has performed globally in events such as Furuvik Reggae Festival and One Love Cruise (2012) in Finland and in numerous events in Sweden.

In 2011, he relocated to Stockholm, Sweden, where he has worked with producers such as Sound Banks Music, Major Vibes and Kings Music.

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