Macka's 'Weave' song leads to fight

November 03, 2015
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Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond has condemned a fighting incident which took place during her performance at a show in Guyana on the weekend.

According to reports coming out of the island, the Guyanese police had to apprehend a group of females who resorted to fighting after a dance competition to Macka Diamond's Weave single went sour.

When contacted, Macka Diamond, who was still in Guyana, told The STAR that she was disappointed with the behaviour of the women.

"I was surprised, shocked and disappointed, but because of professionalism I had to continue the show because I did not want the patrons to go home feeling down. But when I got back to the hotel and settled down, I was wondering to myself what was really wrong with those girls. I felt bad because I don't endorse things like that, but I had to make the show still look good in the midst of all that," she said.


no serious injuries


Macka also informed The STAR that there were no serious injuries, as the police managed to bring an ease to the situation in a timely manner.

"There was some likkle fist inna face and likkle face swelling. No serious injuries were reported to me,

neither did I see any and the show was allowed to

continue," she said.

She explained that the fight began after she introduced her song, Weave.

"Some girls came onstage and they were flashing their hair. But the fight started because some were saying others flashed hair in their face, while some were saying others hair stink and all kinds of things. So what started out as fun turned out into fighting and

excitement, and the police came and took them off the stage. This Weave song has been creating all kind of animosity and excitement, I don't know what is this," she told THE STAR.

The single, Weave, was produced by Marcus Myrie's Marcus Records.

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